Mechanic installing tire to a car

Take care of your tires and your car will drive smoothly and safely

Let S&S Service Center handle your tires.

Mechanic changing the car tire

A smooth ride is a good ride

If you put new tires on your vehicle and never think about them again, you are going to be doing yourself a major disservice. Ignoring your tires means that:

  • Your tires will wear out quickly 
  • Your vehicle will not ride smoothly 
  • Your safety will be compromised
  • You will be spending money on another set of tires

Leave it to the pros

Optimize the life of your tires and get them rotated, balanced, and get the alignment checked. These simple services are quick and easy, so come in today and let us check your tires.

Come on in today and get your tires checked. Maintaining your tires keeps your ride smooth!


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