Mechanic repairing break of a car

Take care of your brakes – trust your car to stop

Let us service your brakes and make sure that you are safe.

Mechanic checking brake

Get real stopping power

If you are finding yourself having to press down a little bit harder on the brake pedal to get your car to stop, it is time to come in and get your brakes inspected. Do not ignore this indicator. If you let it go, chances are good that you are going to have a bigger and more expensive repair to fix in the near future.

Maintain your brakes so that you stay safe on the road and don’t end up having a bigger problem that needs to get fixed later.

Maintain your brakes

Your brakes will experience wear and tear and they need to be serviced and maintained. Come in for a complete brake inspection and let us:

  • Inspect anti-lock brakes
  • Inspect the brake line and hoses
  • Inspect drums and rotors
  • Inspect brake pads
  • Clean and adjust rear brake

Call us today to set up a brake inspection appointment. Stay safe on the road – make sure you can stop!


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